Murder suspect in custody

SACRAMENTO (Oct. 11) — Sacramento County Sheriff’s homicide detectives arrested a 34-year-old Foothill Farms man on Saturday night for the murder of Rudolfo Enrique Nunez.

Manuel Alvarado-Guerrero was arrested at the homicide bureau’s office after he had been brought in for an interview. Sgt. Tim Curran, sheriff’s spokesman, said during a phone interview.

Deputies had been called to the 7100 block of Walerga Road last Thursday afternoon, where a body had been discovered behind a Dumpster. Curran said that the victim, later identified as Nunez, had “suffered significant trauma to the upper body area and had been stabbed several times.”

He described the struggle as “violent.”

Homicide bureau detectives canvassed the surrounding area, including the apartment complex located in the 4500 block of Galbrath Drive, where Alvarado-Guerrero lived.

“(Alvarado-Guerrero) had been contacted by detectives when they questioned the apartments’ residents in an attempt to locate anyone who may have information about Nunez,” Curran said.

Detectives suspected that Alvarado-Guerrero and Nunez had known one another, Curran said. “They also felt that the suspect and the victim had been together Wednesday night.”

Sometime later that Wednesday night, Curran said, Alvarado-Guerrero and Nunez had a “physical altercation” which resulted in the latter’s death.

Curran reported that Alvarado-Guerrero was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on the charge of murder. He has also been placed on an Immigration Customs Enforcement hold. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 15.


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