Nearly a dozen murder suspects arrested in Reedley

REEDLEY — Eleven suspects wanted in connection to various murders were arrested Tuesday in Reedley during a massive gang sweep involving local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The mission, named “Red Out,” aimed to take out a violent gang in Reedley.

“The objectives were to locate, identify and arrest known gang members and shot callers within a specific gang and cripple them as organizations,” said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

In addition to the 11 suspects arrested in connection with killings, seven more individuals were arrested on weapons and drugs charges, and parole and probation violations.

“We believe that we successfully did a lot of damage, if not eradicated this criminal enterprise,” said Reedley police Chief Steve Wright.

The sweep ended a nine-month investigation into a gang Reedley police say was ruthless.

Among those arrested were: Hector Trejo, 21, and Manuel Villanueva, 19, on suspicion of killing two 16-year-old Reedley juveniles in 2009; Ramanjit Hundal, 25, and Luis Flores, 26, on suspicion of killing Jose Pacheco, 30, in 2009; Alfonso Chagoya, 28, in connection with the slaying of Jose Carlos Robledo, 30, who was murdered at Reedley Beach in 2002; Edgar Padilla, 18, Ricardo Villanueva, 20, and Manuel Gonzalez, 18, on suspicion of murdering Juan Negrette, 30, earlier this year; and Juan Hernandez, 21, Juan Mendez, 20, and a 16-year-old juvenile, on suspicion of an unspecified murder.

All suspects lived in Reedley.


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