New York man jailed for eight years for strangling, beheading woman he met on dating app in Japan

New York man jailed for eight years for strangling, beheading woman he met on dating app in Japan

By Anna Hopkins, Fox News

An American man who murdered and beheaded a Japanese woman he met on an online dating app has been sentenced to eight years in prison, according to reports.

Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, of Long Island, New York, was sentenced on Tuesday in a Japanese court after reportedly admitting to strangling Saki Kondo, 27, in February 2018 at an apartment he’d rented while sightseeing in Osaka. Bayraktar strangled the young woman and then used a saw to dismember her, and buried her body parts across different cities, the New York Post reports.

Bayraktar, 27, was not indicted for murder in the case, because prosecutors could not prove that he had set out with the intention to kill Kondo. He was instead charged and found guilty of manslaughter and abandoning a body.

The victim’s father told Japan Today that an eight-year prison term was not enough of a consequence for the slaying of his daughter.

“The sentence is too light and the truth remains unknown,” he said.

Bayraktar, 27, was first arrested after police discovered Kondo’s severed head in a suitcase at the Osaka apartment – one of many the former Air Force member rented during his time in Japan. Bayraktar previously served 11 months of a four-year stint as an airman first class, and was dubbed a “mama’s boy” by his former stepfather when news of his crimes first broke.

After being apprehended, he led police to the mountainous region of Osaka where he buried Kondo’s arms and torso, and to a spot in Kyoto where he disposed of her legs.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors argued that Bayraktar intentionally covered his tracks by buying a saw to dismember Kondo, deleting the dating app after her death and researching how to dismember a body on his smartphone. They originally argued for a 13-year sentence.

Bayraktar’s lawyers argued that a five-year sentence would suffice because he was remorseful for his actions.

“I will be burdened with this crime until the day I die,” he said in court. “I am so sorry.”



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