Oakland residents on probation for vehicle theft are charged with grand theft auto

“Although Alameda enjoys relatively low crime rates, auto-theft and theft from autos has become a common crime, not only in Alameda, but in many jurisdictions” said Lt. Sean Lynch of the Alameda Police Department.

At 2 a.m.Thursday, Sept. 22 Young Kwang Koo, 23, and Victor Woo Nam, 21, were found in possession of an unreported stolen vehicle.  Koo and Nam, both Oakland residents, were arrested inside the vehicle, blocks away from Woo’s home.  
The Alameda Police Department would not disclose why the men were approached by police and whether the arresting officers had previous suspicions that the car was stolen. Both Nam and Koo are currently on probation for a prior auto theft conviction, officials said.

After the vehicle was recovered, “the owner was contacted [and] confirmed that vehicle was missing,” said Lt.Sean Lynch of the Alameda Police Department.  Reports of auto theft and theft from auto generate attention from local law enforcement.

The arresting officers also found marijuana and charged Koo with violating §11357B of California’s Health and Safety Code, which criminalizes the possession of 28.5 grams—or less—of marijuana.  While the infraction is only punishable by a maximum fine of $100, if Koo is convicted, he will be found in violation of his probation and more serious consequences could follow.

Koo’s hearing—for both the car theft and marijuana possession charges—will take place on October 3 at the Superior Court of Alameda.


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