Officer leaps from helicopter to detain suspect

A high speed chase in Fresno on Wednesday afternoon leads to one sheriff officer’s brave jump from a helicopter to help arrest the wanted suspect.

The county sheriff department announced the arrest of David Grimaldo, 24, on Thursday, who was wanted in connection to a grand theft call and later led authorities on a high speed pursuit, where he reached speeds of over 100 mph in his Burgundy colored pickup truck.

David Grimaldo

The Eagle One sheriff helicopter closed in on Grimaldo once his truck was driven towards the San Joaquin River bottom and crashed. Once Grimaldo got out of the vehicle and began to escape on foot, a flight officer from Eagle One got low enough to where he could jump to the ground, chase the suspect down, and take him into custody.

According to sheriff spokesman Chris Curtice, deputies received a tip that Grimaldo was committing a grand theft near the 3500 block of South Cornelia Avenue, which was also the same location of a recent theft in metal tanks.

“When deputies arrived, they observed Grimaldo walking around the rear of the property,” Curtice said. “When he saw deputies approaching, he ran to his burgundy colored pickup truck and fled.”

Grimaldo even attempted to use his vehicle as a weapon, as he tried to run deputies off the road along McKinley and Grantland Avenues in West Fresno. He then drove into a private property near the intersection of Herndon and Dower in Northwest Fresno, which later led to his truck crashing into the river bottom. The pursuit went on for 10 minutes, and Grimaldo’s truck even dragged a 25 foot section of a chain link fence he struck while driving.

He was arrested on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer and felony evading. He was later booked into Fresno County Jail.

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