Officer under gun fire, acts with “restraint and bravery” – 3 arrested

“The capture of the juvenile was a high priority for the department, because if he is willing to shoot at a police officer, he is willing to shoot at a citizen,” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

A Fresno police officer’s “brave” attempt to not return fire despite bullets coming towards him leads to three arrests on Friday.

Police chief Jerry Dyer announced on Sunday afternoon that officer Mike McCray was being fired on repeatedly while responding to an armed disturbance on the cross streets of White Avenue and Fresno Street.

Dyer praised the actions of McCray because of the fact that women and children were present when a 16-year-old gunman was firing rounds at the police officer.

“It was an act of restraint and bravery,” Dyer said.

The altercation occurred around 8 p.m Friday. McCray and the other officer, whose name was not identified, went to the area of Fresno Street and White Avenue after a report about three males threatening another man with a gun. Three people matching the police description were spotted in a nearby alleyway. The officers detained two of them, but the 16-year-old minor ran off which prompted McCray to pursue him.

The gunman carried with him a 9mm pistol and fired four rounds at McCray according to Dyer. McCray had to take cover before resuming his pursuit.

“Twice more, the gunman fired at McCray before eluding the officer,” Dyer said.

A search made by Fresno SWAT team members failed to locate the fugitive within the area. However, detectives located the juvenile and would arrest the gunman in the 5600 block of East Byrd Avenue, located near the cross streets of South Clovis and Jensen Avenue in Southeast Clovis.

Dyer said that the juvenile did indeed confess to trying to fire at the officer, as a way to make the officer break out of his pursuit of him.

“The capture of the juvenile was a high priority for the department, because if he is willing to shoot at a police officer, he is willing to shoot at a citizen,” Dyer said.

A 32-year-old man was also arrested in this case. The unidentified male was believed to be linked to a recent carjacking and assault back in August according to Dyer. That robbery occurred back on Aug. 21 in central Fresno after two men staged a bicycle crash.

“When a man and a woman in a car stopped to help, the male victim was pistol-whipped by one of the bandits, who pointed a handgun at the victim and pulled the trigger several times,” Dyer said.

The gun however did not fire. The bandits then slashed the tires on the victims’ car before fleeing with their property.

No other information was available on the third suspect, which includes his name and whether or not he too was armed during the Friday armed disturbance.

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