Pimps Sell Girls from Homeless Shelter

27-year-old Justin Everett Crutchfield is being charged with three felony counts under PC236.1 (c) – causing a minor victim to engage in commercial sex acts with strangers, and with two charges stemming under PC 261.5(c), of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

Justin Crutchfield and Terell Demontae Toliver (DMV Photos)

On or about June 16th to June 20th, Crutchfield, along with Terell Demontae Toliver, are being charged with actively pimping several female minors to perform sex acts under their guidance and/or influence. Both minor victims were at least three years younger than the adults, who were more than 21-years of age. Crutchfield and Toliver were both said to be actively participating in sexual activity with the minors, while encouraging them to have sexual intercourse with others during this period of time. Both minors were between the ages of 16 and 17 years of age.

An arrest warrant was issued for 23-year-old Toliver on July 2 for the amount of $550,000.

Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara

A report to the San Jose Police department reveals that through online communications via Facebook and other sources, the suspects had taken pictures of the victims, while communicating with men online in order to arrange for each girl to visit the men and engage in sexual intercourse.

Communications with the victims revealed that advertisements were made on Redbook.com that revealed naked pictures of the minor victims. The Bill Wilson Center was housing the individuals who were using the homeless shelter as a transitional house for prostitution victims.

Crutchfield and Toliver had taken the minors to areas where others were able to victimize them, while refusing to pay them the money offered by their “johns” for sex. A text conversation by undercover officers revealed how the victims were enticed to commit sexual acts for money, but were never compensated for their acts. One text by Toliver states, “I’ll give you money I promise.” Through another text Toliver explains, “Listen im sorry for everything..ill pay you some cash..i can’t pay 300 because we got all those rooms.but ill give u something u have my word on that..”

If convicted for these crimes, the penalty can range from 5-years to 12-years in state prison. The next plea hearing is scheduled for July 18 in Dept. 38 at 1:30 pm.


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