Police prescribe arrest for pharmacist

  Auburn, Calif (Oct. 2, 2008) —  Thursday morning’s search of an Auburn pharmacy resulted in the arrest of the owner on suspicion of improperly dispensing controlled drugs.

   Arrested was Thomas Husak, whom Auburn Police identified as both the owner and pharmacist of the Skyridge Pharmacy, located at 601 Auburn-Folsom Rd.

   According to Auburn Detective Sgt. Victor Pecoraro, police along with agents from the DEA then searched Husak’s North Auburn residence.

   “We discovered discrepancies in some earlier prescriptions, then investigated to see if Husak prescribed drugs not authorized by physicians which led us to seek a search warrant,” Pecoraro said. As for what was found in the ensuing search, Pecoraro said investigators were still “doing the math” on paperwork and records discovered at the two sites.

   Pecoraro said the controlled drugs of Klonopin and Vicodin were involved, and that other Scehdule 2 and 3 drugs may also turn up as a result of the investigation.

 Klonopin is prescribed for psychiatric patients, while Vicodin is a well-known powerful painkiller. Both of those drugs have high resale value on the streets. 

   Besides the allegation of dispensing inappropriate drugs, Husak is also facing charges of altering or forging prescriptions. His bail has been set at $250,000.


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