Profanity-laced rampage through Marysville SaveMart ends in arrests

Profanity-laced rampage through Marysville SaveMart ends in arrests

By Bill Lindelof | Sacramento Bee

Five teens were arrested in Marysville after a rampage through a SaveMart in which vandals tossed merchandise to the floor, shouted profanities and sampled store liquor.

The vandalism began about 1:40 p.m. Wednesday when witnesses said teens ran through the store and destroying property.

“They went aisle-by-aisle, breaking merchandise, throwing goods to the floor,” said Lt. Jason Garringer.

An officer arrived to find four girls and a boy standing in front of the J Street store.

One girl tried to flee but was apprehended. The boy threw a sweatshirt at an officer and then took a fighting stance before being subdued, according to police.

An investigation revealed that the four girls entered the SaveMart and knocked down merchandise while shouting profanities and gang slogans, according to a police press release.

Witnesses also told police that the teens drank alcohol from store bottles. A store manager asked them to leave while a SaveMart employee called 911.

A customer slipped on spilled cooking oil, hurting his neck and left elbow. Two officers suffered abrasions in the scuffle with the boy.

Police say the rampage was in retaliation to an incident on Monday. Three of the girls were arrested on Monday for trespassing and resisting arrest at the store.



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