By Robert Craig
Tulare, Calif (June 6, 2009)- Tulare Police conducted a sting operation leading to five arrests, with the help of undercover officers from an outside agency.

Tesi Felemi, 30, Shybra Edwards, 36, Janet Gonzales, 42, Peggy Meadows, 52 and Connie Deladillo, 52, were arrested on prostitution charges, all are residents of Tulare. All the arrested parties, except for Gonzales, were booked for drug charges as well, varying from possession of drug paraphernalia to being under the influence of a controlled substance.
Peggy Meadows was also charged for giving false identification to a police officer.
When asked what prompted the sting operation Capt. Jerry Breckinridge said, “We’ve been prompted by complaints from people in the past, however in this case the officers noted activities in the area and decided to be proactive.”  Breckinridge declined on disclosing what outside agency’s personnel were used to pose as potential customers for the sting.
 All of the suspects are currently being held in Tulare County Jail and are awaiting trial.


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