Pursuit Ends With Self-Inflicted Throat Slashing

Irvine, Calif. (January 12, 2009) – – Irvine Police joined forces with Anaheim and Santa Ana units in a pursuit that started in Anaheim and ended in Irvine following a bank robbery that occurred about 12:36 p.m. Monday at the Washington Mutual on 500 N. Euclid Street in Anaheim.

According to law enforcement officials, Benjamin Nolasco, 23, of Oceanside, was stopped just before 1 p.m. and emerged from his car bleeding, apparently after slashing his own throat with a box cutter. Along with his wallet and cell phone, the red box cutter was found on the pavement next to Nolasco’s car.

The pursuit began when an undercover officer recognized Nolasco’s car as the suspect vehicle involved in the robbery. The white sports car had no front bumper and was headed southbound on Interstate 5. 

The ensuing chase reached speeds of 90 mph before Nolasco exited at Culver Drive in Irvine. According to police he was bleeding profusely from two slashes, one on each side of his neck.

Nolacso was rushed to the hospital where he remains in police custody. He reportedly underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

No weapon was found in the car, police said, Nolasco allegedly faking that he had a weapon during the robbery.


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