Pursuit is Possible Back-Breaker for Suspected Mugger

COSTA MESA, CA (January 29, 2009) – A man attempting to elude police after he’d allegedly been involved in a violent robbery, jumped a fence and fell into a drainage canal, possibly breaking both his back and a leg, according to police officials.

Jose Duran, 21, of 13331, Fairview Road, Apt B. in Garden Grove, is suspected to have been part of a group that robbed a man at knifepoint Wednesday evening at approximately 9:15 in the 3000 block of Bristol Street.

The victim was attacked from behind by four people that then took off in a car with his laptop-computer and wallet.

The victim was able to give police a description of the get-away car, and a vehicle matching the description was pulled over a short time later, according to police.

Upon being pulled over, four of the suspect occupants remained in the vehicle and were subsequently arrested while the other two in the vehicle hopped out and fled.

Police pursued the two, Duran ultimately being captured after his injurious fall, while the other suspected accomplice escaped. Police reported that the one that got away had a handgun.

A three-hour search reportedly followed, with both Santa Ana and Irvine Police joining in the hunt, but the remaining armed suspect was not captured.

Others arrested were two juvenile males and Denise Esquivel, 20, of 1009 W. Bishop Street, Apt. 13, Santa Ana, and Alam Encinas of 581 W. Alton, Apt. 8, also of Santa Ana.

Police said they were able to recover the victim’s wallet from the suspect car.


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