Ready for just about any crime

 Nevada County, Calif. (Dec. 3, 2008) —  A Bay Area couple was arrested early Wednesday morning, leaving Nevada County Sheriff’s investigators wondering just what crime was about to be committed.

   According to Sheriff’s Lieutenant John Kropp, the two were arrested at almost 3:30 in the morning near the intersection of Red Dog and Banner Lava Cap roads.

   Kropp said a car wandering that far in the hinterlands outside of Nevada City “was sure to be noticed.”

   Taken into custody were 40-year old Kama  R. Brooks and 35-year old Christopher J. Dossi.

   According to the report, found inside the couple’s car by arresting deputies were a rifle with a home-made silencer, extra ammunition narcotics, and burglary tools. The rpeort said the “tools” included hacksaw blades, gasoline cans and siphoning hoses.

   “We don’t yet know what they were up to, but the investigation contiunes,” Kropp added.

   Brooks, who gave her address as 2360 W. 135th St., San Leandro, was arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm and silencer, and being a felon possessing a firearm. She’s also scheduled to be charged with possession of methamphetamines and heroin, as well as possessing paraphernalia and burglars tools.

  Dossi, of 23761 Eden Ave., Hayward, faces charges of possessing narcotics, a silencer and burglars tools. His bail was set at $11,750.

   Brook’s bail is listed at $16,750.


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