‘Greenhorn Bandits’ have struck before, police say

REDLANDS – Police have determined that two bank robbers who fumbled a Thursday morning heist at a local bank are also suspects in other crimes committed in San Dimas and Diamond Bar.

The two suspects who dropped their loot following an armed robbery of Riverside’s Community Bank on May 26 have been dubbed the “Greenhorn Bandits” by the FBI, said Redlands city spokesman Carl Baker. The nickname refers to what has been described as an amateur manner in which the robberies have taken place, said an FBI spokeswoman.

“They’re described as being somewhat clumsy and inexperienced by witnesses,” said Laura Eimiller of the FBI. That inexperience, she added, “could add to the potential for violence.”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said the duo’s first bank robbery occurred May 16 shortly after 3 p.m. at the California Bank & Trust in Diamond Bar in L.A. County.

On May 23, the pair’s second attempt took place at another California Bank & Trust in San Dimas just after noon, said San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

Eimiller said the suspect descriptions from all three robberies match: Hispanic or black men between the ages of 25 and 33, standing between 5-feet-8-inches and six feet, wearing bandanas over their faces with hooded sweatshirts. The suspects in last week’s Riverside robbery were described as two black males.

There is a possible third suspect who could be the getaway driver, according to witnesses of one of the robberies. Two vehicles have been described, including a silver or light-colored Dodge Avenger or a light-colored Chevrolet Colorado truck. The driver remains in the truck parked near the banks, authorities have said.

During the Redlands robbery, suspects apparently dropped the money and exited through the north door as police arrived. Despite the arrival of police, the suspects managed to escape.

On the bank surveillance videotape, one robber was seen jumping over the counter in order to collect the money. The other robber, holding a black revolver, kept people under control during the crime.

Authorities have not revealed how much money was taken in any of the robberies.


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