Redlands Walmart shooter still on the loose

REDLANDS – A would-be robber who attempted to shoot open a cash drawer at a Walmart is still being sought by police.

On Wednesday, Redlands police spokesman Carl Baker said there were few clues about the identity of the shooter, who on Dec. 2 fired a shot from a semi-automatic handgun at a locked cash drawer.

Shortly after 12 noon at the Walmart on 2050 West Redlands Blvd., the man entered the store, walked directly to the cash box and shot at it, according to Lt. Chris Catren.

“When he was unable to open the drawer,” said Baker, “the man fled from the store heading west and then north toward the rear of the shopping center.”

Catren said police searched the area, which is adjacent to Interstate 10, but couldn’t find him.

The suspect was described as a stocky black man, about six feet tall, weighing 225 pounds. At the time, he was wearing a grey beanie, glasses, heavy green shirt, faded jeans and white tennis shoes.

“There are no updates,” said Baker, spokesman for Redlands police.

Originally, said Baker, police thought the gun was a cap pistol, as surveillance tapes were not able to detect muzzle flash. But investigators have since concluded the gun was real, Catren said.

Police released a surveillance photo of the attempted Wal-Mart photo in Redlands last week.


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