Restaurant murder suspect arrested

FRESNO – Fresno police arrested a man who allegedly shot and killed another man at a restaurant over the weekend.

Victim Alvin Khamchan

The shooting happened inside the Me Kong restaurant located at Belmont and Diana streets around 1:20 a.m. on Sunday. The victim has been identified as 35-year-old Alvin Khamchan, who died after being transported to Community Regional Medical Center. A motive for the shooting has not yet been determined.

Around 50 people were inside the restaurant when the shooting took place. No one else was hurt.

On Sunday afternoon, police received tips that helped lead them to the shooter, now identified as 41-year-old Lee Saysanasy. They pulled his vehicle over in a shopping center on East Ashlan Avenue near First Street and arrested him.

Lee Saysanasy

Police say that the suspect has a criminal history, and once did time in connection to another homicide.

“This was absolutely a fantastic arrest, getting a violent person off the streets,” said Lt. Mike Doyle with the Fresno Police Department.

While arresting Saysanasy, police discovered 100 lbs. of marijuana in his vehicle.

“There were boxes upon boxes (of marijuana),” Doyle said.

Although police don’t know what the marijuana was intended for, they say that the markings on the boxes made it look like they were for sale. Doyle estimated the value of the marijuana at about $116,000. Police say they do not know whether the marijuana played a role in the murder earlier that day.

Police also detained the suspect’s wife and several associates to see if anyone else was involved in the homicide or housed Saysanasy afterward.

This mark’s Fresno’s 30th homicide so far this year.

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