Sac PD cold case detective tracks down suspect

SACRAMENTO — (Jan. 9) DNA testing has enabled the Sacramento Police Department’s cold case homicide unit to solve an 8-year-old murder.

Last Friday, the unit obtained an arrest warrant for Luis Sousa, 42, for the March 2, 2001 murder of Hugh Denna. According to the Sacramento Police Department, Denna had been stabbed during a fight near 2014 14th Street.

On Friday, January 09, 2009, the Sacramento Police Department’s Cold Case Homicide unit obtained an arrest warrant for  42-year-old Luis Sousa for the 2001 murder of Hugh Denna. The suspect was described as a male, Hispanic, 30’s, 5’11” average build, bushy black hair, wearing a blue sweatshirt over a white t-shirt, and blue jeans.

According to a media release, in October of 2006, Det. Pat Keller reviewed the Denna case, requesting that the foreign DNA found on Denna be examined.

Last month, a match of that DNA sample resulted in the identification of Sousa, who had been on parole at the time of the Denna murder. After further investigation, Det. Keller linked Sousa to the murder.

Sousa is currently in state prison for unrelated charges.


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