Sacramento gang member sentenced for bank robbery

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento gang member who robbed the same bank twice for a total of $1,675 was sentenced to more than six years in prison on Monday.

Michael Andrew Williams, 28, will serve six years and five months in prison, as well as three years of supervised release, for robbing the U.S. Bank branch on the 10000 block of Folsom Boulevard. Williams, who admitted robbing

$1,675 Taken - 6 Years Sentenced

the bank in December 2008 and then again this past January, was also ordered to pay restitution by United States District Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr.

According to Assistant United States Attorney Michelle Rodriguez, who prosecuted the case, Williams conducted both robberies by presenting a teller with a demand note, threatening that he had a gun. After the first robbery, on Christmas Eve 2008, Williams fled the bank on foot with $1,174 in cash. Less than a month later, Williams left the bank with less than half that after his second heist, escaping with approximately $501.

Williams admitted to the second robbery while making his guilty plea in August. At the time of his crimes, Williams was on supervision by the state of California for battery, drug and grand theft offenses.

Williams, a member of the infamous “Blood Gang,” has an extensive criminal history that, as Judge Damrell observed, indicated “a life crime.” At the conclusion of Monday’s sentencing hearing, Williams was remanded into the custody of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

The case was the product of an investigation by the Sacramento Violent Crimes Task Force, which includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.


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