SF shootout suspect IDed, had warrants

An AK-47 being removed from the vehicle.

SAN FRANCISCO – The man wounded during a shootout with police in the midst of the Wednesday morning commute has been identified by police as Roselyndo Nagayo Sicat.*

At roughly 8 a.m. June 29, San Francisco police officers confronted the 38-year old suspect as he pulled out of a parking lot near the intersection of Gough and Ellis Street, a major artery for city traffic.

Sicat, who was wanted on a $75,000 warrant at the time of the incident, is alleged to have fired on the officers with a handgun. A police department press release stated that Sicat was carrying an automatic weapon in his car when he was arrested. Media reports have identified the firearm as an AK-47 assault rifle.

The reports say police were searching for Sicat in connection with an incident where shots were fired from an automatic weapon in the nearby area.

Press coverage also reported that court records show Sicat had a rap sheet of offenses related to methamphetamine. His records from the San Francisco Superior Court are no longer available to the public, but information found by CrimeVoice indicates that a man with the same name as Sicat had been involved in an extended case in family court in San Mateo County starting in 1999.

San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr led a public meeting near the site of the incident on Thursday, the day after the shooting took place. Press reports have stated that, according to SFPD’s standard practice, the officers involved have been placed on leave while the shooting is being investigated by police authorities.

*An earlier version of this story included an incorrect second name for Mr. Sicat.


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