Shooter who wounded two Fresno teens being sought

FRESNO — Police are investigating a shooting that resulted in leg wounds for two teenagers outside an apartment complex in southwest Fresno Sunday night.

The incident occurred 9:15 p.m. near the 1100 block of Church and Martin Luther King avenues. The shooting victims were 17- and 19-years-old.

Fresno Police have yet to determine whether the shooting was gang-related.

“It appears that the disturbance took place in the back parking lot complex and during that disturbance, someone produced firearms and rounds were exchanged, striking our two victims,” said Fresno police Lt. Tom Rowe.

Both victims were taken to Community Regional Medical Center and are expected to recover. The shots were fired by a third person involved in the altercation.

Rowe said police are looking into the identity of the shooter, who remains at large.

This is the second shooting to involve a teenage victim in the last two months in Fresno. On Sept. 17, an 18-year-old man was shot once below the waist during a fight near Clark Avenue and Hampton Way in central Fresno.


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