SLO County man sentenced to federal prison for child pornography

SLO County man sentenced to federal prison for child pornography

By Matt Fountain | The San Luis Obispo Tribune

A San Luis Obispo County man was sentenced Monday to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to two child pornography offenses and admitting that images in his illicit collection depicted sexual abuse of child victims.

Federal prosecutors say Templeton resident James Davolt also made plans to travel to the Philippines to abuse children prior to his arrest.

Davolt, 53, was sentenced after pleading guilty on June 4 to the receipt and distribution of child pornography, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release.

Once released from prison, Davolt will be required to be under supervised release for the remainder of his life.

The U.S. Department of Justice said that, as part of his guilty plea, Davolt admitted that he used email to receive and share the child porn.

An FBI examination of his computers and email accounts uncovered approximately 738 images and 204 videos depicting child pornography, including videos involving the sexual abuse of toddlers and infants, the agency said Monday.

In addition to the images and videos, FBI agents also discovered chat messages dating back to 2009 in which Davolt communicated with women in the Philippines and not only “explicitly requested child pornography videos, but also directed the sexual exploitation of children via webcam,” a sentencing memorandum filed by prosecutors in the case reads, according to the news release.

“Even more troubling, (Davolt) bragged about how he previously had sex with children while visiting the Philippines,” he traveled to on 12 to 13 occasions, the memoradum says, “and made plans to have sex with children in an upcoming visit.”

The mother of one victim said in a victim impact statement submitted to the court that her daughter suffered from “prolonged major trauma” that will affect “her mind for the rest of her life.”



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