Steve-O a criminal for SeaWorld prank?

Steve-O a criminal for SeaWorld prank?

By Pauline Repard | U-T San Diego

SAN DIEGO — State investigators are seeking vandalism and trespassing charges against an MTV reality show star who admitted in a YouTube video that he altered a San Diego freeway sign into a protest against SeaWorld.

The California Highway Patrol on Thursday submitted a crime case against Stephen Gilchrist Glover, aka “Steve-O,” to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

County prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against Glover, an office spokesman said.

Glover, star of the “Jackass” reality show, posted a video on YouTube on Aug. 19 showing himself climbing a long ladder to reach an Interstate 5 sign for Sea World Drive. He taped a poster over the last word, changing the message to “SeaWorld Sucks.”

“I’m putting my foot down for Shamu,” Glover says on the video. On his website, he wrote, “I filmed myself committing a crime in the middle of California’s 5 Freeway.”

His protest came in response to controversy over the movie “Blackfish,” which criticized SeaWorld’s treatment of killer whales.

The act was committed on May 25 and discovered the same day, the CHP said. The CHP investigated, then learned about the video the day after it was posted.

Caltrans officials said the stunt cost taxpayers more than $7,000 because when the tape was removed it pulled off reflective sheeting and the entire sign had to be replaced. Motorists were disrupted when crews closed two freeway lanes during repairs.



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