Stolen Car Chase Ends in Crash, K9 Pursuit, Arrest

Visalia Police officers’ alert eyes, quick reaction and driving skills recovered a Visalia resident’s stolen car early on December 15.

The Visalia officers were on patrol in northeastern Visalia just after midnight when they saw a 1995 Honda Accord that had been reported stolen earlier that night, according the Visalia police.

The officers tried to stop the vehicle, but it sped away. The police followed as it raced eastward through a primarily industrial area. The Honda turned around and led the police car back to more populated streets, but lost control of the vehicle at a street corner, crashing the car.

The driver got out of the car and ran into a residential area.

Police set up a perimeter, narrowed the search to an apartment complex, and sent in officers and a K-9 officer named Mack, according to Visalia police. The officers detained James Reynolds, 24, of 14974 Oscar Ave. in Visalia. Reynolds was arrested on charges of auto theft, resisting arrest, failure to yield to an officer, possession of stolen property, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and violating his parole.

Reynolds was booked into the Tulare County jail.


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