Suspect indicted on dozens of sex crime charges, Portland police say

Suspect indicted on dozens of sex crime charges, Portland police say


A 60-year-old man has been indicted by a Multnomah County Grand Jury on 39 charges related to sex crimes, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Authorities say the case comes after months of investigating, though they believe more victims could still be out there.

Police say four victims have been identified. The case began in mid-March of this year when an officer was notified of a patient at a local hospital who had been sexually assaulted. After working with specialized hospital staff, as well as a victim advocate, police say the information on the crime was sent to the Sex Assault Unit. From there, detectives identified the suspect as Carlos Rodriguez-Lanz.

Police say the suspect had targeted several other victims.

The investigation continued in the months that followed. On August 24, a grand jury indicted Rodriguez-Lanz on dozens of charges, including rape, kidnapping, sodomy, sexual abuse, robbery, and other felonies, according to Portland police.

Authorities say Rodriguez-Lanz was already in custody for an unrelated parole violation. He was arraigned the next day on August 25 and will remain in custody pending further court proceedings.

Police say, based on their investigation, they believe there could be more victims. The police bureau’s Sex Crimes Unit is looking to speak with anyone who may have been a victim or who has information related to the case.



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