Suspect on the prowl after face slashing

WOODLAND — Woodland police have made three arrests and expect a fourth in connection with a September gas station robbery that left a Davis man disfigured.

Jose Rodolfo Rivas, 22, Michael Joseph Santiago, 25, and Arturo Cox Vega, 23, were scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges of robbery, mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and criminal street-gang activity, Woodland police Lt. George Bierwirth said.

A fourth suspect, whose name was not released, is still being sought, Bierwirth said.

The suspects — all Woodland residents — stand accused of robbing the Davis man and his friend after they purchased beer at an Arco gas station on County Road 102 during the early hours of Sept. 20.

Police said the Davis man was cut in the face during the incident, an alleged act that led to the mayhem charge, according to Bierwirth.

“It’s a significant wound to the face,” he said, though he declined to elaborate. The victim was later treated at Sutter Davis Hospital.

Bierwirth said Santiago, of 1032 Elliot St. No. 15, is a parolee. Rivas, of 177 Buckeye St., and Vega, of 37 Antelope St., were on probation for earlier crimes at the time of the alleged robbery.


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