Suspect Quickly Captured following Bank Heist

HUNTINGTON BEACH – A bank robbery quickly lead to an arrest when police responded to a bank alarm and were able to locate the suspect near the scene.

Just after 1 pm, the Huntington Beach Police Department responded to the alarm from the Comerica Bank at 17011 Beach Blvd. Upon arrival, police learned that a suspect had entered the bank and demanded money but did not brandish a weapon during the crime.

Witnesses identified the suspect as a white male that fled on foot.

Patrick Murphy, 53, reportedly a transient, matched the description of the suspect and was taken into custody when police found him about a block away from the bank, said police.

Murphy was reportedly in possession of about $20,000 dollars cash and soon admitted that he was the culprit. A pocket knife was also found in his jacket.

Murphy was booked at the Huntington Beach Police Department city jail and police don’t suspect his participation in any other robberies.


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