Suspected jewelry thieves nabbed in Auburn

AUBURN — Undercover police got an up-close and personal look Thursday at a man and woman allegedly selling stolen jewelry. The pair now faces serious charges.

Auburn police Capt. John Ruffcorn said the department received information that the couple would be selling the jewelry, gems and other items that evening at an Old Town jewelry store.

“We had two of our officers in the store posing as customers so we got a full look at the attempt in progress,” Ruffcorn said.

Suspects Hector Contreras Jr., 42, of Vallejo and Audra M. Booth, 28, of Newcastle were arrested at the scene and taken to Placer County Jail. Both were booked on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

Contreras faces an additional obstruction charge because he was less than cooperative about providing his true identify, said Ruffcorn.

The recovered loot was stolen from a vehicle located in the small Sonoma County city of Healdsburg on June 4, said Ruffcorn.

“We try to remain in close contact with our local merchants so that anytime something like this happens, we know about it,” he added.

The captain added that anybody with further information about the pair could contact Officer Scott Alford at (530) 823-4237, extension 207.


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