Suspects Arrested In Case of Stolen Safe, Jewelry

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (November 21, 2008) —  Two suspects – one a Newport Beach resident and the other from Fullerton – have been arrested for possession of stolen property, specifically 11 pieces of jewelry that had been in a safe stolen from the back of Newport Beach resident Vonda Simon’s, Bentley.

Simon originally reported the safe stolen October 13. It was estimated to have contained approximately $350,000 worth of jewelry at the time.

She had parked the Bentley in the garage of her residence on Windsor in Newport Beach, after a long international business trip. It was reported that her garage door was accidentally left open and the car unlocked.

Simon discovered the theft in the morning after realizing she’d left the safe on the rear floorboard of the Bentley and that it was gone.

On November 19, 2008, Newport Beach Police arrested Thomas Watts, 30, of 1801 Skyline Way in Fullerton, and Brandy Watts, 28, of Newport Beach, after investigators received information from a confidential informant that led to the pair.

Both suspects were charged for possession of stolen property and are being held at the Orange County Jail.

Police were able to recover 11 of the stolen pieces of jewelry which are estimated to be worth about $11,000, but the safe and the rest of its contents have still not been recovered.

Police request anyone that may have purchased or received any property from Thomas or Brandy Watts to notify the Newport Beach Police Department immediately. Police also encourage anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the victim’s jewelry to contact the Police department at (800) 550-NBPD. Any information can be left anonymously if preferred.


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