Teens Kill Man For $70 Worth of Marijuana

Teens Kill Man For $70 Worth of Marijuana

By Robbie Watson, WLTZ

Two Columbus teens allegedly killed a man for $70 dollars worth of marijuana according to court testimony.  17 year old Dequarius Richarson and his 16 year old accomplice appeared in Recorder’s court charged as adults with Felony Murder after the victim was found with a single shotgun blast to the abdomen outside his Elizabeth Canty Apartment New Year’s Eve.  Judge Julius Hunter requested media not identify the 16 year old who is still considered a juvenile.

A Columbus Police Detective said Javante Jackson’s pockets were emptied and that it was the 17 year old Richardson who escorted Jackson away from his own apartment to make a marijuana “transaction”.  The homicide investigator told the Judge the 26 year old victim was shot dead for 7 grams of pot and it was Richardson who pulled the trigger and the Juvenile allegedly drove the getaway car that belonged to Richardson’s dad.

“He’s shaken up. He’s facing serious charges but we’ve got to remember he’s 17, he’s still a kid. He may look like a grown man but he’s still a kid,”  Ralston Jarrett told the media.  Jarrett was represents the 17 year old suspect.

Investigators say the teens planned to rob Jackson of his reefer and several eyewitnesses identified the duo on the scene at the time of the murder.  Richardson’s defense attorney noted several other people were also at the apartment New Year’s Eve. “We just , like I said we want to make sure we get the right person you know. Mere presence at the crime isn’t enough to lock somebody up so we just want to make sure they have the right gentleman,” Jarrett said.

Richardson will remain in the Muscogee County Jail without bond pending his next court appearance. The 16 year old suspect is in custody at the Youth Detention Center.



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