Thousands of pills used for meth found in Reedley storage

REEDLEY – The manager of a storage unit in Reedley called police on Monday after discovering thousands of pills and other materials commonly used to make meth.

The manager at Heritage Self-Storage on Dinuba Avenue opened the storage unit after two months had gone by without paid rent. She called the police about the disturbing contents, which included 16,000 pseudoephedrine pills and several containers of liquid chemicals, according to Reedley police. These materials are used to produce methamphetamine.

Because the stash is so large, police have handed over the investigation to HITDA, which stands for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. Reedley Police Sgt. Robert Sherrow said that this is HITDA’s area of expertise.

There may already be a lead on the case.

“We do have the name of the person that was listed on the rental storage unit, but we are not releasing that information,” Sherrow said. “We do not want to release information that may interfere with the investigation (HITDA) is now investigating.”

Finding a stash of meth ingredients this big in the small town of Reedley isn’t an everyday occurrence.

“It is not common for Reedley PD to find this amount of pills in the city,” Sherrow said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Reedley Police Department at (559) 637-4250.


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