Three Arrested After Gunshot Joy Ride

Visalia — Two men and a teen were in custody  Oct. 8, after a trigger-happy ride around town.

Several Visalia residents, alarmed by the sound of gunshots, called in reports of wild gunshots heard in the north side of the city. Comparing the accounts, a silver Honda was the common factor, according to Visalia Police Sgt. Steve Phillips.

The police were dispatched and found the vehicle, but when the they attempted to pull the car over, it took off, speeding along city streets.

The chase came to an initial halt when the car crashed into a residence at Hermosa Street and Ferguson Avenue, damaging the home. No injuries were reported.

Visalia Police Officers Gilson and Lopez found a handgun and a sawed-off shotgun in the car. The two passengers, Johnny Carreon, 20, and Joshua Perez, 18, were arrested, but the juvenile driver fled the scene on foot.

The officers chased the minor and soon he was in custody as well.

The three were charged with possession of firearms and failing to yield to a police officer.


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