Thrift store burglars caught on tape

SANTA BARBARA — Natalie Bradley, 31, and , 42, were arrested Jan. 18 on charges of commercial burglary and criminal conspiracy when a Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputy was in the act of arresting Bradley for a probation violation and discovered clothing in her purse which carried a price tag from a nearby Goleta thrift store.

According to sheriff’s spokesman Drew Sugars, the deputy immediately contacted the thrift store named on the price tag and learned that it had been the target of a break-in and burglary the night before.

A review of the thrift store’s video surveillance recordings revealed that Bradley and Moran had entered the building and stolen a wide variety of merchandise that included clothing, household items and electronics. A probation search of Bradley’s Goleta residence was subsequently conducted, and deputies discovered a cache of stolen retail goods in the home.

“We have two other suspects on the surveillance tape,” Sugars told the media, “and they’ve been identified but not yet located.”

Bradley was booked into Santa Barbara County jail with bail set at $20,000. Moran was booked and is held on a no-bail probation violation.

Natalie Bradley


Jorge Moran


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