Tip reveals double homicide to deputies

The Charred remains of a man and a woman were found inside a burning pickup and are suspected of being linked to two men who were pulled over by deputies for driving a stolen car. A tip and several hours of questioning led to the men becoming both suspected and arrested.

The bodies were discovered in a parking lot on the 7400 block of Holworthy Way at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. According to Sacramento County investigators, the victims were first shot inside there home and then moved two miles away to the intersection of Walerga and Antelope roads were they were found inside the burning vehicle.

Several minutes before the burning car was reported, a sheriff and his trainee stopped a stolen car that had four people in it. While the occupants were being questioned the police received an anonymous call that a homicide had taken place inside a home on 3700 clock of Bolivar Avenue.

After the home was investigated the police came up with a list of suspects and then announced them on the sheriff’s department radio broadcast. The name of one of the suspect announced was recognized as one of the occupants of the stolen car by the deputy who had pulled the car over.

As a result, 34-year-old Thomas Meece and 31-year-old Alan Eisman were arrested on suspicion of two counts of murder.


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