Underage Drinking Targeted at Redlands Grad Parties, 6 already cited

REDLANDS – Police will be cracking down on underage drinking, an announcement coming on Monday in a week that five public high school graduation ceremonies will be held. Redlands police said that officers will be working overtime, with funding coming from state grants.

On Monday, Redlands Chief of Police Mark Garcia announced that parents should be aware that underage drinking at graduation parties will be targeted and that homeowners and responsible persons liable if such activity takes place.

Police Chief Mark Garcia wants everyone to know that grad parties will be under extra scrutiny

“If anyone is thinking of hosting a graduation party,” said Garcia, “we would ask that you please insure that you do not allow underage drinkers to consume alcohol during those parties.”
In Redlands alone, the five high school campuses – Redlands, Redlands East Valley, Grove, Orangewood and Citrus Valley – will be conducting graduation ceremonies. Like most communities across the state, there are likely to be parties.

“Underage drinking is a major threat to the health and safety of Redlands youth,” said Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, citing drinking and driving as a major cause of death among teens while also being linked to reduced academic performance, sexual assaults, unintended pregnancies, fights and other violence. Redlands police will also blend DUI saturation patrols all week.

Garcia cited an early portion of the patrols when a March 23 party on Brockton Ave. was investigated with six citations issued. At that party, officers found several underage people drinking alcohol and one had bought three kegs of beer.

Grants from the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and the California Office of Traffic Safety will fund the extra duty patrols, according to release by city spokesman Carl Baker.
Officers will be writing citations and issuing fines under the City’s Social Host Ordinance rules – passed in January – between Tuesday, June 4, through Saturday, June 8, said Baker.
Residents who host gatherings that allow underage drinking face a $100 fine for a first offense; the fine for a second offense is $200; and a third offense is $500. Beginning with the second offense, violators will also be responsible for administrative costs, which can add up to several thousand dollars.

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