Unidentified person alerts authorities in ‘torture’ case

Although the alleged event happened on October 20, a Nevada City contractor was not arrested as a suspect until the night of November 2, and that happened only after an unidentified person called from the hospital to alert local authorities.

According to Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal, the 20-year old female victim, whom he would not identify, appeared to have been beaten and tortured at the 11256 Willow Valley Rd. residence of the 35-year old suspect, identified in the incident report as Donald Christensen.

“The victim apparently suffered a broken nose and deep facial trauma as a result of a severe beating, and had been cut numerous times on her arms and legs, yet she had failed to notify authorities immediately after the event,” Royal said.

Royal said the cuts probably were made by some sort of razor-like instrument.

“During the investigation, she said she did not want to get (Christensen) in trouble, despite later telling us that he’d also allegedly held her head under water while she was bathing. We found out about this only after we received a call from the (Sierra Nevada Memorial) Hospital,” Royal added.

Sheriffs deputies arrested Christensen on suspicion of felony torture, as well as as suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. Bail was set at $50,000.


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