Valley gang sweep results in 45 arrests

SELMA — Police agencies from around the Valley concluded a four-month gang investigation last week when they arrested 45 adults and one juvenile through the use of search warrants and parole and probation searches.

The investigation, named “Operation Goldstar, Mission: Selma Shield 2010” was launched because of gang-related activity in and around the Selma area.

During the operation, which was started in January of this year, gang members that were selling drugs around the Selma area were targeted, according to the Selma Police Department. A total of 16 search warrants were served last Friday, 12 in Selma, two in Kingsburg, and two in the Fresno area. Police agencies also conducted parole and probation searches, which resulted in 24 arrest warrants being served.

The April 30 operation also connected some of the local gang members that had been under surveillance through a federal operation, named “Paper Plates,” for several years. Five individuals were arrested under this operation and will be federally prosecuted.

Some of the items recovered during Operation Goldstar included illegal drugs such as methamphetamine and marijuana, more than 20 handguns and rifles, over two truckloads of stolen property, and almost $41,000 in cash, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

“Operation Gold Star/Selma Shield was a collaborative effort coordinated by the Fresno Sheriff’s Office through MAGEC, and demonstrates that, even in these difficult economic times, all steps will be taken to eradicate the problem of gang violence and drug trafficking in our community and return the neighborhoods to our citizens, “ Fresno County District Attorney Elizabeth Egan said.


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