Video Shows 2 Women Fighting After Fender-Bender in Stockton Parking Lot; Jailed Woman Tells Her Side

Video Shows 2 Women Fighting After Fender-Bender in Stockton Parking Lot; Jailed Woman Tells Her Side

A fender bender in a thrift store parking lot led to a violent brawl between two women in Stockton that was captured on camera, and a woman jailed after the incident is telling her side from behind bars.

In the video, a woman wearing a black sweatshirt can be seen swinging at another woman in a green top. Then, it appears that she grabs the other woman by the ponytail and yanks her to the ground. The woman in green is then seen on the ground with her arm bent in the wrong direction.

“I pushed her. And it was an accident,” the younger woman in the video, Vanessa Ortiz, told KTLA sister station KTXL in an interview from behind bars. “And my apologies to her and her family, whatever.”

Ortiz, 25, is now in the San Joaquin County Jail for felony battery. Police are not identifying the other woman in the video, but say she is 67 years old.

“She’s not your average old lady, she’s like a spicy old lady. As you can see I have scratches on my face, she snatched my glasses off,” Ortiz said.

Some witnesses say the four-decade age difference between these two women doesn’t paint the full picture, KTXL in Sacramento reported.

Bernardo Gonzalez, who witnessed the incident and captured the fight on video, says the older woman was the aggressor.

“The old lady was instigating cause the lady was like, ‘I already exchanged info with you, what more do you want?’ and the old lady started getting all in her face and got aggressive with her,” Gonzalez told KTXL.

Gonzales says the beginning of his video shows the older woman putting her hands up first.

Ortiz told KTXL she wondered how she was supposed to walk away from a woman who slapped her hand and scratched her face.

Ortiz is ineligible for bail. Her jail log shows she also had an arrest warrant out for failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge of loitering with intent of prostitution.

She says she was recently trying to re-build her life.

“I don’t have any violent crimes on my record,” Ortiz said. “Like I said, I have prostitution, but no one’s denying nothing.”


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