Visalia Woman Has Christmas Spirits, Gets Arrested

One Central Valley woman took her Christmas spirits in drinkable form this holiday eve and ended up on the naughty list.

Carrie Davidson, 47, of 1546 S. Wellsley Ct. in Visalia caught the attention of passers-by on December 24 when she was laid out on the corner of Wellsley and Royal Oak, near Davidson’s home. The observant citizen called the Visalia Police Department, perhaps feeling that it wouldn’t be right on Christmas Eve to leave an apparently impaired woman out in the cold.

Visalia Police Officer E. Martinez found Davidson and she was roused enough for Martinez to notice the telltale signs of alcohol intoxication, according to the Visalia Police Department.

Davidson’s eyes were red and watery. Her speech was slurred and her breath smelled strongly of the alcoholic beverages she had ingested. Davidson’s walking gait was unsteady. Officer Martinez decided she was too impaired to take care of herself and arrested her for public intoxication.


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