Visalia Woman Struggles Against Police, Arrest

When Visalia police officers responded to a disturbance call Monday afternoon, they found a woman who was ready and willing to put of a fight.

Two police officers responded to the home of Karen Elizabeth Aviedo, 25, of 2315 Virmargo St. in Visalia and attempted to put the substitute teacher under citizens arrest for battery. Aviedo had other ideas. As the officers turned her around to handcuff her, Aviedo took off running, according to Visalia Police Sgt. Steve Phillips.

The officers responded with quick reflexes, catching Aviedo by the arm and keeping her from getting very far. She continued to struggle and the officers got her into a “control hold,” Sgt. Phillips said. It’s a “twist wrist lock, they try to make (the subject) comply by manipulating their arms or their wrists.”

With Aviedo on the ground and one arm handcuffed, she fought with one arm. When the officers managed to get the woman fully handcuffed, she struggled as they walked her to the patrol car. She was able to push one officer into the side of the patrol car, causing a scratch to the car and adding vandalism to the list of charges she could face, Sgt. Phillips said.

When Aviedo showed no signs of ending her resistance, stomping on the officer’s feet, the police called for leg restraints, which another officer brought from the police station.

Subdued, Aviedo was taken to Kaweah Delta Hospital to be medically cleared for a racing heartbeat, and then she was booked into Bob Wiley Detention Facility. She faces charges of threatening an officer, resisting arrest, battery and vandalism.


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