Weenie-Wagger Finally Gets The Attention He Wants

by R.L. McCullough

Santa Barbara, Ca.–June 10, 2009
Glenn Merrill, 59, of Goleta had a little too much time—not to mention too much of himself—on his hands when he came up with the idea to attract women online with a Craigslist posting offering “employment” for caregiver-housekeeper assistance.

On June 1, an eager job-seeker responded to his ad and went to Merrill’s residence to inteverview for the job at hand, so to speak.  During the interview, Merrill indicated that he needed help showering, and proceeded to undress himself and request certain hands-on “help” from the woman.  She refused and called authorities, who had earlier received similar reports from women between the ages of 23 to 34.

Merrill was quickly contacted (apparently not the kind of “contact” he was hoping for) by Sheriff’s Deputies and booked on multiple charges of indecent exposure.  Held on $5,000 bail, Merrill now resides in Santa Barbara County Jail where, it would be safe to presume, he now has all the pants-down attention anyone could hope for.


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