With Apologies: Tulare Man Faces DUI Charges

An apology wasn’t enough to save a Tulare resident from charges of driving under the influence on January 4, as sincere as it may have been.

Tulare Police Officer Cordeniz was driving eastbound on Tulare Avenue at Mt. View early on Sunday when a driver pulled around the corner right in front of him. The officer slammed on the breaks to avoid a collision with the vehicle, according to the Tulare Police Department.

Officer Cordeniz pulled the vehicle over and smelled alcoholic beverages on the driver, 67-year-old Fred Lupe Ramirez of 560 W. Pleasant Ave. #51 in Tulare. Though Ramirez apologized several times for pulling his car out in front of the police car, Officer Cordeniz noted Ramirez’s red, watery eyes and was not swayed.

He conducted field sobriety tests on the scene, but Ramirez failed them, according to the Tulare Police Department. A test indicated that Ramirez’s blood alcohol content was above the legal limit and Ramirez was charged with misdemeanor DUI.


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