Woman Arrested on Drug Charges in Tulare Alley

Rachel Maria Cruz, 29, of 653 North I Street in Tulare, may not want to spend much more time in alleys. Her alleged activities in a Tulare alley on the afternoon of November 16 resulted in Cruz spending some time behind bars.

A Tulare police officer came across Cruz in the course of investigating a complaint of people allegedly using drugs in the alley behind C Street and Kern. Officer Derogee went to the alley and saw a woman there who went to a nearby Dumpster and threw something inside, according to the Tulare Police. When the officer checked inside the garbage bin, he found a hypodermic needle filled with a substance he suspected to be a narcotic.

The woman, Cruz, was taken into custody and arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and hypodermic needles and being under the influence of a controlled substance, according to the Tulare Police Department.


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