Young men, woman behind Santa Rosa stick-up

SANTA ROSA — Five young men and an underage female face charges for their alleged roles in an armed stick-up just before midnight Sunday in Santa Rosa.

Wallets, money, a check, a backpack, keys and electronics were among the items stolen during the June 5 street robbery in the 1700 block of Mission Boulevard.

As they walked south on Mission Boulevard, police officials say five male victims were confronted by half a dozen individuals. As one of the male suspects trained a black handgun on the victims, four others pushed and slapped the men, then pat-searched them and grabbed their possessions. The young woman who was with the robbers watched while the hold-up proceeded.

Suspects then fled along a path that runs along the creek east of the scene, said Sgt. Steve Fraga of the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Violent Crime Investigations Team.

Dispatchers sent several officers to establish a perimeter around the area.

Patrol officers and two canine teams from the Santa Rosa Police Department and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office picked up two suspects on Yukon Street and another two hiding in the creek area. The female, a juvenile, was discovered hiding near Madrone School.  VCI detectives and officers found the fifth male suspect after searching a residence in the 1400 block of Mission Boulevard.

Identified by the victims, the five suspects were transported to the Santa Rosa Police Department where they were interviewed. Three of the five suspects were juveniles and were booked at the Sonoma County Juvenile Justice Center on charges of armed robbery.

The two adult suspects — Giovanni Broussard, 18, and Isiah Tennant, 19, both of Santa Rosa — were later booked at the Sonoma County jail for armed robbery.

Several of the items stolen in the robbery were found on the suspects or at the places where they were arrested. Also, clothing worn by the suspects along with a replica semi-automatic pistol was located by officers in the creek area, Sgt. Fraga revealed.


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